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Stress Free Wedding Day: 3 Tips

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Hi there, my name is Kortnie. I am a wedding videographer in the California area. During my work, I get to see a lot of “behind the scenes” of a wedding day. I have seen what works good, and what can stress a bride out. Whether you are planning your own wedding or hiring someone to plan it, you want your wedding day to be exciting and stress free.

#1 Venue

To really make things easy on the bride, groom, wedding party, and guests. Pick a venue that has a place for both the wedding parties and the couple to get ready. There are venues out there that have private rooms where the bride and groom can get ready separately but at the same venue. The reason getting ready at the venue is convenient is because then you can have all dresses, accessories, tuxes, decorations and people in the same location. Your guests and wedding party will only have to worry about finding one location. It will also save TIME. On your wedding day, time is everything, the day goes by so fast and instead of spending a half hour driving from one location to the next, you could be spending that time popping champagne with your “bridal tribe” or taking extra moments with you and your soon to be husband during your first look session.

If you already picked a venue and it DOES NOT have these features, don’t stress. Just make sure you schedule enough time in between travel, and make a list of all your accessories and items that you need so you wont forget anything and the videographer and photographer can capture all those special details.

#2 Have a schedule

If planning ahead and scheduling something is not your thing, discuss this with your wedding planner, videographer or photographer. They have seen weddings before and want to help you with your schedule so they know they have enough time to capture all the shots that you want.

Have set times of when the bridal party will start getting ready and when they should be done. Know when your videographer and photographer will get to what location and when. When are the groomsmen going to arrive, are they getting ready together? This probably all sounds overwhelming so I provided a link to a website that shows an example schedule so you know where to get started.

Keep in mind every wedding is different. Maybe you do not want to do a first look but want to write love letters to each other instead. You are going to want to add your own touch and timing might change depending on what time the ceremony is or if you know your bridal party will take longer to get ready than the average. Whatever schedule you decide upon, make sure that the wedding party has that schedule as well as the videographer/photographer.

#3 Put your phone away

There is one thing that most of us are all tied to, and that is cell phones. Give yourself a break on your wedding day and live in the moment, away from that screen. Give your phone to your best man or your made of honor. If there is something important that needs your attention, they will let you know. You do not want the stress of getting texts and calls all day, you want to be focusing on all the special moments. If you are worried about capturing the moment, everyone else that day will have their phones and they will probably be taking all the snap chats and instagram stories for you to remember forever. Not to mention you hired a videographer and photographer to do just that! This is YOUR day. Embrace it, relax, enjoy it, and remember it forever.

Best of luck with your wedding planning. If you have any questions please reach out! If you know of any other tips for having a STRESS FREE WEDDING then comment them below and maybe someone else will benefit!

You got this,


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