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#1 Must do on Your Wedding Day

The number one thing you must do on your wedding day

There is one thing that you must do on your wedding day and it will only take you ten minutes.

After talking to a couple a few months after their wedding, they told me that their most memorable moment was when they spent ten minutes together, alone, without a camera in their face or a relative telling them something they should have done different.

Now wait… that doesn’t sound very exciting. But here’s the thing, on your wedding day you will be BUSY. So busy you will probably forget to eat let alone think about taking 10 minutes for yourself.

So here is what you do. Ask someone at your wedding, whether that is a friend or a parent to set an alarm on their phone (because you probably don’t have yours) Pick a time that works best for you, after dinner when everyone is eating, or when you think everyone will be on the dance floor. At that time when the alarm goes off, that friend or parent needs to come up to you and tell you guys to GO. Go for a walk, go to a different room, go be romantic or go to the bathroom together. Honestly just spend time with each other appreciating the moment of being a newly married couple. It will be so special and unique without anyone else there.

The bride and groom that did this together still talk about it to this day. To tell you the truth. No one noticed they were gone.

Happy Wedding Planning!

You got this,


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